IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Plasma Therm RIE
Equipment Description

The Georgia Tech Plasma Therm RIE system operates at 13.56 MHz and has two chambers that are used for the etching of dielectrics and metals such as Al, Cr, and Ti. Small pieces up to 10" substrates are allowed in this system. RIEs (Reactive Ion Etcher) are used to etch various materials, such as semiconductors, polymers, and various metals using reactive gases in a RF (radio frequency) reactive ion plasma. 

Dual Chamber Etching System Featuring

  • Si, SiO2 , Si3N4 & Al / metal etching
  • III-V etching
  • Polymer etching

Materials etched and acceptable masks

  • Left: Al, Cr, Ti, Si, poly-Si, metals, III-V
  • Right: Si, SiO2, SixNy polyimide, SU8. BCB ●
  • Masks: Metal and PR

Component specifications (both)

  • 500W 13.56MHz RFPP RF-5S Power supply


  • Left: O2, BCl3, Cl2, Ar
  • Right: Ar, CHF3, O2, CF4 /SF6

Process pressure

  • 10-800mTorr both chambers


  • Left – small pieces – one 8” wafer
  • Right: small pieces - four 100mm wafers


  • Left Platen 40°C
  • Right 40°C
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