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CtrLayer RIE 1



Equipment Description

Formerly the Advanced Vacuum Vision 320 RIE, the Georgia Tech CtrLayer RIE 1 showcases a revamped software set programmed by the IEN. It is a manually loaded Reactive Ion Etcher plasma system. It is used to etch dielectric materials and shallow silicon by using SF6 as an etching gas. The Georgia Tech CtrLayer RIE 1 has a permanent graphite plate in order to reduce temperature build up during a long process run. Small pieces up to 10" substrates are allowed in this system.

Materials etched and acceptable masks

  • Etched: SiO2, Si3N4, Si
  • Masks: metals and photoresist

Component specifications

  • 600W 13.56MHz Seren power supply


  • Ar, N2 , O2 , CF4 , SF6 , H2

Process Pressure

  • 10-800mTorr


  • Small pieces – one 8” wafer


  • 5-40°C

Recent Service/Modification

  • Vision 2 moved to Marcus Cleanroom
  • Full electrode rebuild for both units
  • Hoist rebuild for Vision 2
  • Power supply service both units 
Institute Georgia Tech
Department IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
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