IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Resonetics IR Laser
Equipment Description

The Georgia Tech IEN Resonetics IR Laser is a Q-switched Nd:YLF laser that can be operated at two different wavelengths (1047 nm or 524 nm) with a beam size at approximately 50 microns. Materials such as metals, PZT ceramics, permanent magnets, alumina, and silicon have been successfully micromachined and used in a wide range of applications (microneedles, interdigitated, and planar metal designs, sintered multi-layer alumina devices, metal welding, silicon device trimming,...).


  • Nd-YLF laser @16W, 1047nm wavelength, 180us pulse at 1000pps
  • Resolutions of 50um spot and sub um movement

Materials etched

  • Any metal up to 200um thick
Institute Georgia Tech
Department IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
System Specifications IR 1047nm Q-switched 180uS pulsed laser with a 50um spot size, through the lens viewing, computer-controlled XY motion, and firing. Doubling crystal for Green 524nm, 25um spot size operation through a separate optic system utilizing the same motion control. Input from DXF file.
Applications Laser Micromachining
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