IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
2.7 Technical Seminars

IEN technical seminar series are one of the educational programs designed to increase the fundamental knowledge of micro/nano fabrication. IEN cleanroom has been collaborated with famous Georgia Tech professors in different department to give seminars on various topics. Below is the list for seminars in 2016


2016-02-19: Plasma Processing of Thin Films - Prof. Dennis Hess

2016-04-14: Dielectrics for ICs and Packaging: Materials Used Today and Future Prospects - Prof. Paul Kohl

2016-06-30: Vacancies, Traps and Defects in Chemical Electronics - Prof. Jiri Janata

2016-09-29: Silicon Piezoresistive Transducer Design - A Practical Guide - Prof. Oliver Brand

2017-03-17: Advances in Parylene Technology - Dr. Rakesh Kumar

2017-03-30: Plasma Processing of Thin Films - Pro. Dennis Hess

2017-06-06: Electroplating Technologies for Microstructure Fabrication - Prof. Bruno Frazier

2017-10-24: Micromachining With Femtosecond Pulses - An Overview - Dr. Tissa gunaratne

2017-12-06: Vanishing Devices - From Sensors to Drones Enabled by Transient Polymers - Prof. Paul Kohl

2018-01-25: Introduction to the new Heidelberg MLA 150 Maskless Aligner - Dr. Keith Chyu

2018-11-01: Decision Making for Experiments Using MOSFET Development as a Case Study - Dr. Winston Chern

2018-11-16: OPTEC Femtosecond Laser Micro-machining System at Georgai Tech - Mr. Flavien Liegeois

2019-06-24: Magnetron Sputtering Systems for Thin Film Applications - Mr. Mike Hales

2019-10-25: Engineering & Lithography Fun - Practical Problem Solving - Mr. Jeremy Golden

2020-02-04: Lesker University Vacuum Technology Classes - Dr. JR Gaines


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