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7. Equipment Baseline

This section contains the baseline test reports for the instruments related to photolithography, thin film deposition equipment, plasma etching equipment, and for thermal furnaces. The baseline testing for these instruments are conducted once in every quarter of the year. Earlier baseline reports can be found in this "Archives"link.



Thin Films 

Plasma Etching

Thermal Furnaces

Mask Less Aligners CVD Bosch process Tystar Nitride Furnaces
Heidelberg MLA150 #1   STS PECVD 3 (SiO2, SiNx)   STS ICP (Si) Nitride #3 (Dry Ox)   
Heidelberg MLA150 #2  Oxford ICP PECVD (SiO2, SiNx) STS Pegasus ICP (Si) Nitride #4 (SiN, LSiN)
         Unaxis PECVD (SiO2) STS HRM ICP (Si)  
Karl Suss Mask Aligners PVD Dielectric Etch Tystar Poly Furnaces
Karl SUSS MA6-Pettit (TSA/BSA) Denton Disco Sputterer (TiN) Unaxis 790 Series RIE (SiO2) Poly #2 (Dry Ox)
Karl SUSS MA6-Marcus (TSA) PVD75 RF Sputterer (Ti) Vision RIE 1 (SiO2) Ploy #3 (Poly Si)
SUSS MA8 TSA/BSA   Vision RIE 2 (SiO2) Poly #4 (Poly Si)
Spin Coaters ALD Oxford End-Point RIE (SiO2)  
SCS G3P8 3  Cambridge ALD Plasma Therm RIE (SiO2)  
(SC 1813SPR 220NR9 1500      Oxide Chamber (SiO2) Plasma Therm ICP Single Chamber (SiO2) Mini Tystar Furnaces
K&S RC8 Spinner      Metal Chamber (HfO2) Plasma Therm ICP (SiO2) Mini #1 (Wet Ox, Dry Ox)
   CtrLayer ALD 1 (Al2O3)   Mini #2 (Wet Ox, Dry Ox)
  CtrLayer ALD 2 (Al2O3)   Mini #3 (TEOS)


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