IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
8.3 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All PPE should be put on over the standard clean room garments.


  • Gloves are tan in color and are made up of a thick nitrile blend. Standard cleanroom gloves are made of nitrile but are not nearly as thick. Standard cleanroom gloves provide minor slash protection, while the PPE gloves provide prolonged chemical exposure protection. 
  • Gloves of various sizes can be found in the cleanroom storeroom.
  • Test the gloves with a nitrogen gun before using to check for leaks
  • Gloves are single use. Dispose of gloves when you have completed working with the chemicals in the fumehood.


  • Inspect the apron to ensure that there are no tears.
  • Put on apron and secure it appropriately.
  • Aprons are located at every fumehood and are reusable
  • If apron needs to be replaced, new aprons can be found in the cleanroom storeroom.
  • Aprons are thick and do not pass air easily. This may cause the user to sweat and create moisture on the inner surface of the apron. This is normal.

Face Shield

  • Put on face shield and make sure it fits comfortably.
  • Face shields are located at each fumehood.
  • If the visibility through a face shield is poor, notify a staff member so the shield can be switched out.
  • Face shield should be lowered when working with chemicals.

PPE should be worn any time hazardous chemicals are used

Minimize the number of users at one hood at one time. Try to keep the number of users at one fume hood to 2 max.

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