IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
1.4 Support Staff
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Georgia Tech Cleanroom's daily operation is supported by staff and student assistants. Cleanroom staff is highly skilled in their specialized area, providing services including equipment installation, maintenance, training, processing support, building management, chemical management, etc. New users are encouraged to get to know the cleanroom staff and familiarize themselves with the skills that each staff member provides.

Cleanroom Operation Team

Gary Spinner

Sr Asst Dir-Research Ops, IEN Cleanroom Manager

Phone: (404) 894-4010


Process EngineersResponsible for processing training, fabrication assistance, equipment baseline testing, process development, and process troubleshooting

Equipment EngineersResponsible for equipment installation, training, maintenance, upgrades, and hardware troubleshooting                   

Student Assistants: Assist the Equipment engineers and the Process engineers in their assigned tasks 


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