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1.1 Necessary Items

Personal Items

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Tweezers: Must be purchased by  each cleanroom user. Tweezers should be selected based on the user's specific processing needs including sample size, processing chemicals to be used, etc.. Please refer to the vendors below for a variety of tweezers options. Users are not required to use these vendors to purchase their tweezers. These vendors are provided to give users options and do not represent all the tweezers suppliers available. ​Vendors information: TedpellaTechniTool, SPI SuppliesTerra Universal​Fisher Scientific​, VWR.

Cleanroom NotebookUsers can only use official cleanroom notebooks in the cleanroom. Cleanroom notebooks are made with paper that generates far less particles than normal paper. No ordinary notebooks or papers printed on normal paper are not allowed. Please contact the cleanroom staff to get cleanroom notebooks and/or cleanroom paper.

Glass/Pyrex/Plastic Dishes: Labware is provided for all users who need to perform chemical processing. It is recommended that users purchase their own labware if possible to help with cross contamination issues. Labels for personal labware can be printed at the computer in the Marcus/Pettit cleanrooms. All labware should be rinsed cleaned prior to and after chemical processing. Personal labware should be stored in user's cleanroom storage such as toteboxes or dry boxes. If this storage is not sufficient, users should contact staff regarding further solutions. Vendors for various types of labware are listed below. These vendors are provided to give users options and do not represent all the labware suppliers available. Suggested labware: Polypropylene StorPlus ContainerVWR Crystallizing Dishes

Timer: Users should provide a digital timer to be used for tracking time for processes such as baking samples on a hot plate, etching a sample in a solution, etc.. Please refer to these vendors for a variety of digital timers. These vendors are provided to give users options and do not represent all the digital timer suppliers available. ​Vendors information: VWR, Amazon, Wal-mart.


Cleanroom Supplies

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Chemical Warning Labels: Users should label any chemicals they will be using in their work area with an official chemical warning label. Labels should be filled out prior to pouring chemicals. Chemical warning labels are available near each fume hood in the facilities. Additional forms can be found on the back wall of the Marcus Inorganic cleanroom and in the main hall of the Pettit cleanroom.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Users should use PPE anytime they are working with acids or any other hazardous solutions during their processing. Aprons and face shields are located next to each fume hood in the facilities. Acid gloves are located in the storage area of each cleanroom. If an apron is damaged, nee aprons can also be found in the storage area. Users should contact staff when face shields become cloudy and need to be replaced.

Bottles for Personal Chemicals: The cleanroom provides users with small bottles to store photoresists, adhesion promoters, etchants etc.. All personal chemical containers should be labelled with a chemical label, including the user's name, the chemical, and the user's contact information. For chemicals located in the lab's SDS database, labels for bottles can be printed at the computers in the Marcus/Pettit cleanrooms. MIxed solutions should be labeled by the user and indicate each component of the solution. Most bottles are available in the storage area. For amber bottles, users should contact the cleanroom staff.

Tote/Dry Boxes: Upon the user’s request, tote boxes and dry boxes can be provided in the cleanroom for storing samples, labware, tweezers, cleanroom notebooks, etc.. Users should store all their personal processing equipment in their tote/dry boxes before leaving the cleanrooms. Users can request storage items available to them through SUMS. Storage is limited and will be assigned on a first come basis. Dry boxes are usually subject to a wait list. Labels for personal tote/dry boxes can be printed at the computers in the Marcus/Pettit cleanrooms.

Chemicals: The cleanroom provides users with a variety of chemicals that are commonly used by cleanroom users. Users can find the cleanroom chemical list and the respective safety data sheet in this link. Users should review the safety data sheet of every chemical they will use prior to using any chemical. The complete IEN cleanroom SDS database can be found here.

***If a user needs to use a chemical in the facility that is not currently in the IEN SDS database, they can submit a request to add the chemical to the database and have it approved for use in the facility by filling out the following form: "Request New Chemical"***


The rules and regulations of the cleanroom can be found here,

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