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5.2.3 Mask/Maskless Aligners

UV Mask Aligner Comparisons

  • To do backside alignment you need to be able to check out the backside alignment chuck for the Karl Suss tools.
  • Small Pieces can be processed by using either a carrier wafer or bluetape.


Maskless Aligners and Other Lithography Tools


Maskless Photolithography

Eliminates the need for a photomask. The system exposes patterns directly onto the resist-covered surface. Should design modifications be required, these can be quickly implemented by changing the CAD layout, resulting in much-reduced cycle-times. You will also benefit from a fast, automated front- and backside alignment procedure as well as the outstanding speed: Exposing an area of 100 x 100 mm² with structures as small as 1 micron will take less than 10 minutes. The application areas of the MLA150 include life sciences, MEMS, micro-optics, semiconductors, sensors, actuators, MOEMS, material research, nano-tubes, and graphene.


MICROTECH Laser Writer

A laser beam is controlled as a writing tool for photolithographic mask fabrication or for direct in situ processing on planar substrates (minimum resolutions down to 0.8 µm).


Nano-imprint lithography (NIL) 

Fabricates nanometer scale patterns at low cost, high throughput and high resolution by creating patterns through mechanical deformation of imprint resist and subsequent processes. The flexibility of the system allows for a variety of imprint processes to be used, such as hot embossing, thermal NIL, UV NIL and unique Simultaneous Thermal and UV process.


Nanoscribe 3D Lithography 

Utilizes two photon polymerization (2PP) of various UV-curable photoresists. It combines two writing modes in on device, an ultra-precise piezo mode for arbitrary 3D trajectories (FBMS) and a high-speed galvo mode (MBFS) for fastest structuring in a layer-by-layer fashion. In combination with the software package, the system is embedded best along the 3D printing workflow and offers a high degree of automation for direct manufacturing. In addition, the Photonic Professional GT allows for the fabrication of high -resolution photo masks and other direct write applications.


Electron beam lithography (EBL)

​A beam of electrons directly writes in resist to create very small structures and it was developed for manufacturing integrated circuits. It is also used for creating nanotechnology architectures. The Georgia Tech Elionix ELS-G100 is a high speed, ultra-high precision thermal field emission (TFE) electron beam lithography system developed to meet the market needs for next-generation nanometric application.



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