IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Cleanroom Policy and Procedures

Cleanroom Manual

Everything that you ever wanted to know about the cleanrooms.

Organic Cleanroom Manual

Everything you ever wanted to know about the organic cleanroom.

Gowning Procedures

Gowning procedures.

Cleanup Duty Procedures

All of our users are required to help perform cleanup. This usually happens about once a semester.

Cleanroom Policy

A list of all of our policy violations and the penalty for breaking the policy. Make sure to follow all of our policies at all times. Policy violations include:


  1. Unlawful use of any cleanroom equipment without being an authorized user for the equipment

  2. Granting access to an unauthorized user to use equipment

  3. Using equipment with someone else's buzzcard without being an authorized user and/or not under supervision

  4. Allowing an authorized/unauthorized user to run equipment under your name (ie.using your buzzcard), but without supervision

  5. Using equipment reserved for another user

  6. Using equipment when it is undergoing maintenance and is marked not to be used or "Machine Down"

  7. Reserving equipment in the Scheduler, but not using the equipment for the time scheduled

  8. Being logged in equipment for longer than the equipment time limit

  9. Failure to log in at the computer in the gowning room or not reporting in the logbook

  10. Failure to log out from the computer in the gowning room or not reporting in the logbook

  11. Not re-labeling properly with the correct color label every billing quarter

  12. Leaving chemicals without proper documentation in Chemical Safety Warning Sheets

  13. Not wearing proper safety equipment at the fume-hood

  14. Not showing up for cleanup

  15. Unauthorized entry into the cleanroom.

  16. Allowing another user to make an unauthorized entrance into the cleanroom.

  17. Leaving toteboxes unattended

  18. Damage to equipment

  19. Not following proper gowning and degowning procedures

  20. Removing supplies/equipment from the cleanroom

  21. Changing equipment settings

  22. Improper usage of safety apparel

  23. Buddy System

  24. Cleanroom Dress Code Policy


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