IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
sumBot ReadMe
updated: 07-21-2020T08:05
Permanent invite link for sumBot: INVITE LINK
sumBot supports the following commands:
  • help
    • shows greeting card
  • register me for sums
    • then follow the prompt to register/unregister
    • this is required to use most other functions
  • log me into [equipment]
    • example: log me into plasmatherm icp
      • will return search results for search terms 'plasmatherm' and 'icp' and provide buttons for various commands
    • example: log me into t1213
      • 1213 is the tool id for plasmatherm icp single chamber
      • many commands provide a shortcut if you do type [command] t[toolid] - don't forget the t
  • log me out of [equipment]
  • join queue for [equipment]
  • leave queue for [equipment]
  • find trainers for [equipment]
    • example: find trainer for plasmatherm icp
    • example: find trainer for t1213
  • what is my queue status
  • how do i [process][material]
    • example: how do i etch sio2
      • will return search results for search terms 'etch' and 'sio2'
  • ftvp test
    • shows FactoryTalk VantagePoint test using Marcus sodium hydroxide drum weights
  • verbose
    • temporarily toggles additional debugging messages for the artificial intelligence
  • switch portal
    • temporarily toggle sumBot to point towards
    • using the command again will repoint sumBot back at standards SUMS


sumBot supports the following alerts:
    • NEXT in queue alert
    • 'Your Turn' in queue alert
  • Login scheduled in 15 minutes
  • Training scheduled in 15 minutes
  • Suspension/warning in 15 minutes
  • System alerts from PLC infrastructure
    • Currently in alpha stages and only sent to development engineers
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