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Equipment Description

The Georgia Tech Advanced Oxide Etch (AOE) source is a revolutionary design, based on STS' well-established Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) technology. The AEO source is originally conceived to overcome the limitations of conventional high density plasma sources for SiO2 deep etch applications. It is also proven to be suitable for deep etching of quartz, pyrex, and fused silica for 4" substrates and 6" substrates by request.

System Components:

Reaction chamber, loadlock, throttle valve, pressure guage, MFCs, turbo pump, mechanical pump, chillers


  • High aspect ratio etching with high etch rate and selectivity

Materials etched and acceptable masks

  • Etched: SiO2, quartz, Pyrex, fused silica, Si3N4, bulk silicon
  • Masks: Si, PR & Metals (Cr, Ti, Ni)

Component specifications

  • 3000W 13.56MHz AE – Coil
  • 1000W 13.56MHz ENI – Platen
  • Backside Helium Cooling with Standard 8-pin clamp & lip seal


  • C4F8, SF6, O2, H2, CF4, two open gas slots

Process Pressure

  • 2-80mT

Substrate size

  • small pieces - one 150mm wafer


  • Platen -20°C to 120°C, Walls 100°C, Lid 120°C

Vendor Specified Capabilities

  • 2.5µm isolated trenches on 8-10µm TEOS
  • Etch rate greater than 2000Å/min SiO2, greater than 4:1 selectivity SiO2: PR, etch rate variability intra- and inter-wafer ±3%, sidewalls 85-90°

Actual capabilities when tool acquired

  • 5µm features on 3-10µm SiO2
  • Etch rate greater than 3000Å/min SiO2, greater than 7.5:1 selectivity SiO2:PR, etch rate variability intra- and inter-wafer ±2%, sidewalls 89-90°

Recent Service/Modifications

  • Converted to 100mm w/ ceramic parts (from quartz)
  • Custom rebuild of matching network because of archaic gas cap failure
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