IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Facilities Description

As one of Georgia Tech’s Interdisciplinary Research Institutes, the Institute for Electronics Nanotechnology (IEN) operates and supports the region’s most extensive core research laboratories in several campus buildings. Faculty and student offices, as well as individual PI laboratories, are found in close proximity to facilities within the Pettit and Marcus buildings to foster peer-to- peer networking and collaboration. Hands-on, shared user cleanroom space totals 28,500 square feet in the Marcus and Pettit buildings. These cleanrooms are general use for electronics, MEMS, photonics, and materials research, along with a specialized Organic Cleanroom for work at the interface between fabrication and life sciences. Marcus also contains a 5,500 square foot characterization suite designed for high resolution imaging and microscopy tools, and an additional 13,000 square feet of shelled-out cleanroom space for expansion. The Packaging Research Center consists of 13,400 square feet dedicated to System on Package (SOP) and other emerging microsystems, while the Georgia Electronic Design Center has 16,500 square feet focused on high frequency, broadband, mixed signal devices, circuits, and systems. Additional laboratories under IEN control include the Laser Machining Lab for micro-machining of diverse materials (polymers, glasses, ceramics, metals, and organics) using UV and IR laser sources and a Teaching Cleanroom dedicated to support advanced training and lab courses taught in the areas of CMOS fabrication, MEMS, and micro/nanoelectronic processing.