IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Equipment List
Name Description
CVC E-Beam Evaporator 2 -- Instructional Center The e-beam evaporator is used to coat samples with various metals. Unlike sputtered films, evaporators only coat the surface facing away from the substrate. Typical deposition rates range from 1 angstroms/sec to 3 angstroms/sec.
Dektak 150 Profilometer -- Instructional Center The Veeco Dektak 150 is a surface profilometer (by stylus contact) capable of down to 4 angstrom step height measurement. This profilometer is comparable to the Tencor P15 Profilometers in performance and operation.
- 1 mm max step height
- automated X and Y stage
- up to 6" (150mm) wafer
- stylus force down to 1mg
Karl Suss MA6 -- Instructional Center Mask aligners are used in photolithographic processes to transfer a pattern from a mask to a photoresist coating on the substrate. The MA-6 can handle wafers up to 6 inch. size, and is optimized for 365 nm and 405 nm wavelength.
Lindberg Furnace -- Instructional Center The Lindberg Furances are used in thermal processes for 2 inch silicon wafers. The processe are dry and wet oxidation, N-type doping with solid sources (PhosPlus), P-type doping with solid sources (BoronPlus) and metal anealing. Gases available are oxygen and nitrogen. 
Microscope 1 -- Instructional Center The time limit on this machine is one hour.
Microscope 2 -- Instructional Center The time limit on this machine is one hour.
PVD Filament Evaporator (Instructional Lab) PVD Filament Evaporator in the Pettit Instructional Lab
SCS G3P8 Spin Coater -- Instructional Center The SCS G3P8 Spin Coater series accurately applies liquid coating materials on planar substrates. This spin coater stores and executes up to 30 programs with up to 20 steps each. Each step of the cycle can be defined in the range of 0-9999RPM with ramp times from 0.1 to 25.5 seconds. Ramp-up time is dependent on the chuck size and the substrate weight. A single step may have a dwell time of up to 999 seconds. Coating cycles are interruptible by the operator at any time. This spin coater has chucks designed for wafers or pieces 1-4 inches.
Semprex Spectrometer -- Instructional Center Semprex Spectrometer -- Instructional Center
Technics Micro PD -- Instructional Center Technics Micro PD -- Instructional Center
Veeco Four-point Probe -- Instructional Center The four point probe measures the resistive properties of semiconductor wafers and resistive films: V/I, Sheet or slice resistivity, metalization thickness and P-N type testing.
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Contact Information
Seung-Joon Paik, Ph.D.
Research Engineer II
Instructional lab coordinator