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Calcium Gluconate Gel

Calcium Gluconate

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  • The Calcium Gluconate combines with hydrofluoric acid to neutralise the powerful ion. The immediate application of antidote gel to burn site reduces burn damage to bone and deep tissue.

Dosage and Administration

First-Aid treatment of HF burns consist of removing all contaminated clothing and flooding the affected skin area with copious amounts of water for at least one minute. Thereafter Calcium Gluconate Gel should be applied liberally to the affected areas and continuously massaged into the skin until the pain has subsided and for at least 15 minutes afterwards. Apply more gel as necessary.

If the symptoms and / or pain recur, a further application of the gel should be made in the same way, and continued until the pain subsides. If the acid has penetrated below the nails the calcium Gluconate Gel should be liberally applied over and around the nail area, and the area continually massaged for 15 minutes.

The patients should be given a fresh tube of gel for self treatment after the initial first-aid treatment. All HF burns should be referred to hospital after washing and starting treatment with the gel.

Contra-Indications and Warnings

For external use only.

Use only one tube per application.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

Store at room temperature.

Use directly from tube, one tube per application.

Discard any remaining.

(from Pharma Science MSDS)

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